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本文摘要:话题十 世界与情况高频单词·Group 1·1. atmosphere n. 大气, 气氛2. challenge n. 挑战(性) challenging adj. 具有挑战性的3. circumstance n. 情况, 形势, 情况4. consequence n. 效果, 结果5. conservation n. 生存;(自然资源的)掩护, 治理6. create vt. 缔造;造成 creature n. 生物, 动物7. damage n. 沮丧5. effor


话题十 世界与情况高频单词·Group 1·1. atmosphere n. 大气, 气氛2. challenge n. 挑战(性) challenging adj. 具有挑战性的3. circumstance n. 情况, 形势, 情况4. consequence n. 效果, 结果5. conservation n. 生存;(自然资源的)掩护, 治理6. create vt. 缔造;造成 creature n. 生物, 动物7. damage n. &vt. 破坏, 损害8. decline v. 淘汰, 下降, 衰退, 谢绝9. decorate vt. 装饰……, 修饰…… decoration n. 装饰, 修饰10. decrease v. 淘汰, 减小, 降低·Group 2·1. deliberately adv. 居心, 蓄意, 故意2. disappearance n. 消失3. destroy vt. 破坏, 破坏4. disappoint vt. 使失望 disappointment n. 失望;沮丧5. effort n. 努力, 艰难的实验6. environment n. 情况7. expectation n. 预料;期望8. extinction n. 灭绝9. forbid vt. 克制, 不许10. harmony n. 和谐·Group 3·1. influence n. 影响2. material n. 原料, 质料3. natural adj. 自然的 nature n. 自然, 性质, 种类4. noisy adj. 喧闹的, 嘈杂的5. overlook vt. 忽略;眺望6. permission n. 允许, 许可, 同意 permit vt. 许可, 允许;n. 许可证7. pollute vt. 污染 pollution n. 污染8. preserve vt. 掩护, 保留, 生存9. prevent vt. 防止, 预防10. proper adj. 恰当的, 合适的 properly adv. 适当地·Group 4·1. protect vt. 掩护 protection n. 掩护2. punish vt. 处罚, 处罚 punishment n. 处罚3. purpose n. 目的, 意图4. radiation n. 放射物;辐射5. recycle vt. 接纳;再循环6. responsibility n. 责任, 卖力7. rubbish n. 垃圾;废物8. severe adj. 严重的, 严厉的9. situation n. 形势, 局势10. smell v. 嗅, 闻到;发气味n. 气味 smelly adj. 有臭味的, 发出臭味的·Group 5·1. species n. 物种2. suffer vi. 受苦, 遭受3. surround vt. 围绕;困绕 surrounding adj. 周围的4. survival n. 幸存;存活5. threaten v. 威胁6. tolerate vt. 容许, 允许, 忍受7. transparent adj. 透明的, 清澈的8. unbearable adj. 难耐的, 无法接受的9. unbelievable adj. 难以置信的10. uncertain adj. 不确定的高频短语·Group 1·1. attach great importance to 十分重视……2. arouse people’s awareness of environmental protection 激起人们的环保意识3. bring. . . under control控制4. be aware of 意识到5. be faced with面临6. die out灭绝 7. go from bad to worse每况愈下8. in harmony with nature与自然和谐相处9.lead to/contribute to 导致10. make a difference有影响·Group 2·1. on account of因为, 由于2. play an important part in在……中起重要作用3. protect. . . from. . . 掩护……免受……4. prevent. . . from. . . 阻止……发生……5. realize the importance of the environment 意识到情况的重要性6. reduce pollution淘汰污染7. throw away抛弃8. There is no denying that. . . 无能否认……9. take measures/steps to do sth. 接纳措施做某事10. to make matters worse使事情更糟糕的是写作佳句1. As middle school students, we should do our bit to say “No” to food waste, and try to develop the habit of never ordering more than what we need so as to save our limited food resources, on which we depend for a life. 作为中学生, 我们应该杜绝食物浪费, 努力养成好习惯, 点的饭菜不要凌驾我们所需要的, 以节约我们赖以生存的有限的粮食资源。2. As far as I’m concerned, it’s everyone’s duty to protect the environment.依我看来, 掩护情况是我们每小我私家的责任。

3. There is no denying the fact that air pollution is an extremely serious problem:the city authorities should take strong measures to deal with it.无能否认, 空气污染是一个极其严重的问题:都会政府应该接纳有力措施来解决它。4. Rubbish and waste water are being poured into the river; as a consequence, water resources have become badly polluted. 垃圾和废水被倒入河流, 效果, 水资源被严重污染。5. We should adopt reducing, reusing and recycling approaches to solve the problem and take good care of our environment.我们应该接纳淘汰、重新使用和再循环的措施来解决这个问题, 好好掩护我们的情况。

6. With the number of cars increasing fast in our city, our environment is getting increasingly worse.在我们的都会, 随着汽车数量的快速增长, 我们的情况正急剧恶化。7. It is well-known that the global water shortage is becoming increasingly severe mainly due to global warming. 众所周知, 由于全球变暖, 全球水资源短缺问题正变得日益严重。8. Now more and more people become aware that the present environment has much to do with what we have done to the earth. 现在, 越来越多的人开始认识到, 现在的情况与我们对地球的所作所为有很大关系。

9. Our appetite for new products also contributes to the problem.我们对新产物的需求也导致了这个问题。10. There was a factory which produced fertilizer. Every day it gave out a lot of poisonous gas, which polluted the environment. 这里曾有一家化肥厂。


它天天排放大量有毒气体, 污染情况。11. Forest destruction, water and air pollution result in decrease of planting land and increase of unpleasant weather. 森林破坏、水和空气污染导致种植业土地淘汰并使不适天气增加。12. What’s more, every citizen should realize the seriousness of the problem and make concerted efforts to protect our environment. 此外, 每个公民都应该明确问题的严重性, 并为掩护我们的情况配合努力。

13. Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. 情况问题正变得越来越严重。14. The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generations. 地球是我们的家园, 我们有责任为我们自己和我们的子女去照顾好它。

15. With the development of industry and agriculture, cars make noises and give off poisonous gas.随着工农业的生长, 汽车制造噪音、排放毒气。16. As we all know, it’s the development of industry and heavy traffic jams that have caused air pollution. 众所周知, 是工业生长和繁重的交通阻塞引起了空气污染。

17. On one hand, we’d better launch a campaign to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection. 一方面, 我们最好提倡运动提高人们的环保意识。18. On the other hand, do what we can to influence people around us to go to work or school on foot or by bike. 另一方面, 尽我们所能影响周围的人步行或骑自行车去上班或上学。19. And even the simplest activities can make a real difference to the environment. 纵然最简朴的运动也能对情况发生真正的影响。

20. People have realized the great harm caused by the smog and the importance of protecting the environment. 人们已经意识到烟雾引起的庞大危害和掩护情况的重要性。写作规范随着近年来都会生长速度的加速, 许多反映都会历史风貌的古修建屡遭破坏。

就这个问题请你以How to Protect the Ancient Buildings为题向报社写一封建议信。要点如下:1. 许多古修建被拆;2. 呼吁拯救这些古修建;3. 希望有合理的解决方法。

注意:1. 词数80左右; 2. 可适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯。____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________【参考范文】How to Protect the Ancient BuildingsIn recent years, as the city develops faster and faster, many old and historic buildings are being damaged by people. They want to make room for housing or offices in urban construction. Do you think we should try to protect those old buildings or replace them with the modern ones?I think we should take measures to protect those ancient buildings, because they reflect the history and culture of the city. And the young will learn a lot when they visit the historical relic sites. The government and related departments should find a suitable solution to these problems. As a citizen, it is my and everyone’s duty to spare no efforts to take any way to protect the historical property.。